Friday, September 14, 2012

Dot Net Interview Questions

Dear Readers,

I am sharing the some interview questions, that is being asked in many companies. I hope it will be very helpful for all of you.

  1. Cohesion and Coupling
  2. Virtual funcation table in OOPs

  1. array.sort
  2. can we have property and indexer in an interface
  3. can we create indexer for a class which have property
  4. copy and clone of array and and data table and dataset
  5. Difference between static class and singlton class
  6. difference between an abstract method and virtual method
  7. Collections in .Net
  8. difference between Copy and Clone Method
  9. Difference between Dispose and Finalize
  10. Difference Between Int32
  11. Difference Between Readonly and Constant
  12. Difference between struct and Class
  13. Difference between type constructor and instance constructor
  14. Difference between out and ref in c#
  15. Difference between CLS and CTS
  16. Difference between Metadata and Menifest
  17. What is Serialization?
  18. How Garbage Collector works?
  19. How GC remove stack memory?
  20. What is Generics?
  21. Why doesnt C# support multiple inheritance

  1. How to get value of HTML Control at server side.
  2. Form authentication
  3. how to call Web Service from javascript or jquery
  4. custom paging in grid view
  5. autoeventwireup in
  6. session.abondon and session.end
  7. difference between application variable and static variable
  8. 2 page in registration page, how to get page 1 values:- Hint:- Page.PreviousPage Property
  9. In a aspx page 10 text box has required field validate, having two button. on click of button1 call validate of only 5 text box and same for other button.
  10. using keyword.
  11. server variable in
  12. how to call user control from another user contorl.
  13. how to call a javascript function form aspx.cs file
  14. how to call a cs function for aspx page
  15. how to call a web service from javascript
  16. exception handling in application level?? Answer Hint:- In global.asx file.
  17. How do u handle Exceptions in  your application.
  18. Difference between custome control and user control.
  19. Difference between application variable and cache object
  20. Difference between application variable and static variable
  21. Difference between Session.Abandon() and Session.Clear() in ASP.Net
  22. Why custome control is in DLL form.
  23. Tell me something HttpPipeline/Request Life cycle.
  24. Give name of any http module
  25. Give name of any http handler
  26. Difference between HTTP Module and HTTP Handler
  27. Cookieless Session in ASP

SQL Server
  1. difference between nvarchar, varchar, char in sql
  2. difeerence between cast and convert in sql
  3. how to pass a collection in stored procedure
  4. Highest Salary
  5. Get sum of row in sql
  6. wothout using distinct keyword.
  7. you are having 2 tables:- you have table one records (1,2,3,4) in table2 (1,2):-write the query for both table and get only record which in not available in table2 dont use sub query. ANswer:- use left outer join and where id of table1 is not equal to table2

  1. difference between web service and wcf.
  2. security in wcf
  3. Difference between BasicHttpBinding and WsHttpBinding
  4. If you have a WCF Service and there is 10 method inside that. Suppose there are three different client accessing that service. How will you allow client 1 to have access only 2 methods, client 2 can access only 5 methods and client 3 can access all 10 methods. How will you achieve that.

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