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H1B Interview FAQ and H1B Technical FAQ

Tips for H1B Interview
Be Polite
- Take deep breath and Relax.
- Listen Carefully and Answer upto the point.

H1B Visa Interview FAQ

Good Morning

Why you want to go USA?
For Working.

Which company you are going?
Your company name

What is turnover of your present company and USA company?
$xxx,xx,xxx P.A.

How many employees in USA company?
Employees Strength of your company

How you came to know about this company?
Thru Job Site.

Why you are going after so long? (Sometimes they ask to candidate who appear after long time of approval)
Explain Valid reason, or in case no valid reason you may try that you are working on Important project when you received approval.

Where are you working currently?
Your present company name, what they are working in and how many employee strength. Example: I am working with abc co., which works mainly into web development with xxx no. of employees.

What is your current salary?
Your currently salary.

Why is your salary is low as compare to other IT Professional? (They do ask this question, specially to people coming from small town with less salary as compare to salary in big cities)
Explain the valid reason. Example: Sir I am coming from abc town, wherein monthly expense is just Rsxxx. In short you need to convince him that your salary is good in your town as compare to other cities.

What is the salary you will get in USA?
$xxxxxP.A. + other benefits which includes Medical Insurance, Relocation and Performance Appraisal.

Why is your salary low when compared to other US Companies?
There will be increase after six months, also I will be getting Medical Insurance + Relocation + Performance Appraisal.; And still the pay is good when compared to pay in Australia or India. Not only money there are several factors like.. Challenging projects, career growth etc which made me to accept the offer with synergy.

How were you Selected? Or How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they?
They had conducted 3 Rounds of Interview, 2 Technical and 1 HR Interview. All were telephonic interview.

What is the Address of the Company?
Address of your company

When did you applied for Job?
January 2007

When and how did you get interviewed?
Telephonic Interview was scheduled via email, during evening hours.

How long the interview lasted?
Technical Interview was lasted about 30 minutes. And HR Interview was lasted for 15 minutes.

What did you talk in the interview?
They asked me question about what is my education, how much I scored and other questions related to technical.

Who and when your H1 was filed.
ABC company has filed my petition (After acceptance, they have asked me send all my documents for visa processing.)

How did you find your attorney/lawyer?
My company has managed the lawyer in N.J.

Who had taken interview for you?
Interviewer Name

What is your HR Name?
HR Name

Can you give me the dates of your interview?
Somewhere in Feb 2007 or Exact date if you remember

Who are the clients for your USA company?
Example: IBM, Computer Horizon Corp., Comsys Inc., Sapphire Technologies, Satnam Data Systems.

What are the technologies you are working on?
.Net Technologies (, C#)

Who is the President/CEO of US company?
Name of CEO of your company

What kind of projects US company is working on? Or Employer’s Main Business areas?
They mainly focus on ERP based Project, Banking Application, CRM, Web development.

What is the annual turn over of the company?
Gross Annual Income $xxxxxxxx

What does your US employer do?
They Offer consulting services in various fields of IT.

Why are you changing your Job?
For Career Growth and to enhance skill

Why you want to work in US?
For Career Growth, it give me chance to work with various client environment, it will help me to improve my skill set.

Have you applied for any other Country?

Do you know what is the leaving cost in US specific to the place where you are going?
35K P.A.

When did you received your offer letter?
Date when you received your offer letter. (Approximation do in case you are not aware of exact date).

What is the current project you are going to work?
Name the project or In case project is not decided than you can say project will be allocated ones I would settle and join my company in USA.

What is your current role?
Software Engineer

What is your role in US company?
Programmer Analyst

Where are you going to work in US?
ABC company, Mountain Lake, N.J.

What is your designation in US company?
Programmer Analyst

What are your responsibilities as a programmer analyst?
• Analyze user requirement
• Designing the application
• Programming the application
• Testing Application

Which Technologies are u going to work in US?
I am going to work on Technology. I had done my certification in .NET

When did US company founded?
In year 1995

When are you planned to travel?
2nd Week of October

How will you survive for the first month?
Company will take care of my accommodation, initially I would be staying at hotel.

Have you been to any other country before?
--- Answer it.

If yes then, When had you been in USA
March 2007

When had you return from USA
April 2007

What was the purpose of your trip
It was a business trip

What work do you do in your present company? Or What kind of Project you are currently working on?
I am software engineer, my work is to identify requirement and providing equivalent web-based solution.

Explain me in detail what work you have to do? What websites you have developed?
I have to make websites like ecommerce websites, websites, etc, etc.

How much time you are being with employer
X year.

What were you doing before you join your present company.
I was working with XYZ Information and Technology

Will you come back to India?

When you will be back to india?
Within 2 years

Why you want to return back?
My Marriage will be after year and I can take advantage of opportunities in India after returning to USA.

H1B Technical Interview FAQ

Note: Generally they don't ask technical questions during H1B Interview in Consulate, but it is always good to be prepared in case of cross checking. Tip: Be Confident, as they are not technical people they just want to ensure that you are not fake entity.

Do Prepare with Main Terminology, example if you claim to expert in .Net you should able to explain what is .Net, similarly for SQL than you should

Sample Questions

1) What is .Net Platform?
Microsoft .NET is a software development platform based on virtual machine architecture. Dot Net Platform is:
à Language Independent – dot net application can be developed different languages (such as C#, VB, C++, etc.)
à Platform Independent – dot net application can be run on any operating system which has .net framework installed.
à Hardware Independent – dot net application can run on any hardware configuration
It allows us to build windows based application, web based application, web service, mobile application, etc.
2) What is .Net Framework?
.Net Framework provides a foundation upon which .net application and xml webservices are built and executed.

3) Two main Components of .Net Framework

  1. Common Language Runtime
  2. Base Class Library.
5) .Net Compliant Languages – Language which supports .Net Programming. Eg: VB, C#, C++, J#, etc.
6) .Net Application – Application which is developed using .Net Framework.
7) .Net Framework Class Library – It consist of thousands of Pre-developed classes that can be used to build application.
8) Common Language Specification (CLS) – It defines features that all .net compatible language should support.
9) Common Type System (CTS) – All .net supported languages will produce code that is ultimately based on these type.
10) Common Language Runtime (CLR) – It provides an “managed” environment in which .net application can execute.
It provides following services :
1. Language Integration
2. Memory Management (Memory Allocation and Garbage Collection)
3. Memory Type Safety (Memory Leaks)
4. Security
11) Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)
An intermediate language generated by compiler is called MSIL. All .Net assemblies are represented in MSIL. The main Advantage of using MSIL is it provides equal performance for multiple language programming, as code is compiled to native code.
Eg: Performance of application developed in C# is similar to or any other .Net compliant language that is because of MSIL.
12) Managed Environment
Code that operates within the CLR is called managed code. Managed code benefits from the services that the CLR offers, including garbage collection, memory management, security, etc.
13) Unmanaged Environment
Code that does not operate within the CLR is called unmanaged code. Unmanaged code does not get benefits offered by CLR including garbage collection, memory management, security, etc. Eg. COM components are unmanaged code.
14) Advantage provided by Dot Net Framework
Language Independent, that is programmer can concentrate more on problem than to learn new language.
What is is data access architecture for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Difference between ADO and

  1. ADO used connected data usage, while used disconnected data environment.
  1. Data Source: It can be a database, text file, excel spread sheet or an XML file.
  2. Data Provider: A set of libraries that is used to communicate with data source. Eg: SQL data provider for SQL, Oracle data provider for Oracle, OLE DB data provider for access, excel or mysql.
  3. SQL Connection: It establishes connection.
  4. SQL Command: It allows to manipulate database by executing stored procedure or sql statements.
  5. SQL DataReader: It provides a forward-only, read-only, connected recordset.
  6. DataSet: dataset is a disconnected, in-memory representation of data. It can contain multiple data table from different database.
  7. SQL DataAdapter: It populates dataset from data source. It contains a reference to the connection object and opens and closes the connection automatically when reading from or writing to the database.
  8. DataView: It provides a means to filter and sort data within a data table.

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