Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Father of C#

The father of C# is Mr.Anders Hejlsberg who born December 1960, is a prominent Danish software engineer who co-designed several popular and commercially successful programming languages and development tools.

  • He was the original author of Turbo Pascal
  • The chief architect of Delphi
  • Currently works for Microsoft as the lead architect of the C# programming language

Anders Hejlsberg is a Technical Fellow in the Developer Division. He is an influential creator of development tools and programming languages. He is the chief designer of the C# programming language and a key participant in the development of the Microsoft .NET framework. Since its initial release in 2000, the C# programming language has been widely adopted and is now standardized by ECMA and ISO. Before his work on C# and the .NET framework, Hejlsberg was an architect for Visual J++ development and the Windows Foundation classes.

Before joining Microsoft in 1996, Hejlsberg was one of the first employees of Borland International Inc. As principal engineer, he was the original author of Turbo Pascal, a revolutionary integrated development environment, and chief architect of its successor, Delphi.

Hejlsberg co-authored "The C# Programming Language", published by Addison Wesley, and has received numerous software patents. In 2001, he was the recipient of the prestigious Dr. Dobbs Excellence in Programming Award.

He studied engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

Awards ...

  • 2001 - Dr. Dobb's Excellence in Programming Award for his work on Turbo Pascal
  • 2010 - Technical Recognition Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement for their work on the C# language
Now C# 4.0 released with Dot Net Framework 4.0.

VersionMicrosoft compiler
C# 1.0January 2002
C# 2.0November 2005
C# 3.0November 2006
C# 4.0April 2010